Tai Yong Medical Report is an in-game eBook in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided that can only be found during the side mission SM11: The Last Harvest. It is located in Dr. Nicholas Cipra's apartment above the lékárna (pharmacy), in a hidden compartment behind the fridge.

The eBook documents a personality injection experiment performed on Daria Myska as part of Tai Yong Medical experimental programs.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Case Study: 698843

Donor 698843 continues to overwhelm his subject's personalities in ways that are unexpected, if not remarkable.
Our most recent subject was a woman named D. D suffered from an acute case of social anxiety. She could not look people in the eye. She could not eat in public. She could barely bring herself to come in for treatment.
After three days of mild infusions she was all but transformed. Turned into a social butterfly. Not only did she eat in public, she ate what he wold have eaten.
Five days into the process we were forced to employ the override phrase to reset the neural mechanism and readjust aspects of the neural code (certain of 698843's proclivities were unexpected). It was an excellent opportunity to test override functionality and prove our ability to correct personality packages on the fly.
D's treatment was complete after seven days. In no time at all, she has become a fully functional member of society.

Dr. Nicholas Cipra
Project Lead
Tai Yong Medical, Neural Division

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