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The Tai Yong Medical corporate vault computer appears in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. The computer belongs to Tai Yong Medical and is stored in their corporate vault in Palisade Property Bank, containing archived e-mails relating to the past exploits of the company.

It has a security rating of 2 and the password is GBNM45KLP53.


Press release[]

From: Guoliang Biyu
To: Shen Dian Fan


This is what we are thinking of releasing to the press. I believe it strikes the right balance between our history and our future while not giving specifics... If you approve, I will send this to our contact at Picus and have them work on it.

Guoliang Biyu
Director of Marketing
Tai Yong Medical Corporation

Shen Dian Fan, the recently named CEO of Tai Yong Medical, has continued the augmentation giant's practice of buying-up failing tech companies and giving them new life.

Shen Dian Fan was entrusted by the board of governors to assume the leadership of T-Y-M and to guide the corporation through this difficult time for the industry.

'I am honored and grateful to the board for the opportunity to lead this exceptional organization of creative, dedicated and talented professionals. We will shape a new future together.'

Over the past 8 months, Tai Yong Medical has acquired Kusanagi, Isolay, and the faltering remains of Sarif Industries, all former rivals in the biotechnology sector.


From: William R. Taggart [ Humanity ]
To: Zhao Yun Ru


I have heard from Hugh. His work on the chip is basically finished. You should be getting the schematics and details soon. Production and distribution must begin immediately. Everything must be in place before the vote.

With this we will not only control the technology, but the people enhanced with the technology.

Will you be attending the Panchaea Event? I'm interested in seeing what's been done since the last time I visited, and knowing Darrow's penchant for the flamboyant, I'm sure his press conference will be spectacular.



From: Charles Xiao
To: Zhang LiLi


We've finally had that breakthrough we were looking for. The key was in reverse engineering the old chip. Once we received the archived Darrow Industries files, it was actually a simple matter. Well, relatively simple.

The new chip will do exactly as you requested. When activated, it will inhibit augmentation function to 'normal human' levels. I liken it to a vehicle speed limiter.

This dampening effect is not permanent, but without extensive knowledge of augmentations, it cannot be tampered with. It is interesting to note that the chip could also be used to boost augmentation performance. I'm not sure what side-effects might result from this sort of... overclocking though.

Charles Xiao
Research and Development
Tai Yong Medical Corporation