Tales of the Arabian Front is an in-game eBook in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. It can be found during the intro mission in Dubai, next to the Jinn's comm booster.

The book provides a brief history of the Jinn cartel.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Political Review, Conrad Press

While the formation of the United Arab Front ultimately appeared to rally the Middle East around the common Saudi cause, over the past decade changing laws, a broken economy, and a rippling border have forced the UAF to deal with several new problems - not least being the rapidly expanding Jinn.

The Jinn are no simple terrorists. They are, first and foremost, an illegal enterprise centered around drugs and weapons–stable trades inherited prior to the end of the millennium from their early roots in Afghanistan, and later, Iran. The creation of twin brothers Salar and Wasim Alam, the Jinn rapidly grew from freedom fighters to opium producers to weapon traders.

Today, with augmented dissension on the rise, the Jinn have been taking advantage of the many illegal refugees being smuggled past official portals into the Middle East. Santeau's augmented haven in Oman, Rabi'ah, is just more fuel on a fire that is already threatening to burn out of control.

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