Targeting is one of the nano-augmentations in Deus Ex.


"Image-scaling and recognition provided by mulitplexing the optic nerve with doped polyacetylene 'quantum wires' not only increasing accuracy, but also delivers limited situational info about a target."
Deus Ex description

It is the complement of Vision Enhancement - JC Denton must choose one or the other when installing the augment in the Eyes slot.


  • TECH ONE: Slight increase in accuracy and general target information.
  • TECH TWO: Additional increase in accuracy and more target information.
  • TECH THREE: Additional increase in accuracy and specific target information.
  • TECH FOUR: Additional increase in accuracy and telescopic vision.

Energy Rate: 40 Units/Minute


There is a hidden damage bonus for all weapons (including melee weapons) when using this augmentation of 10% per augmentation level. This is added to the damage bonus from weapons skills (if any). This also affects reload, lock-on time, and recoil. The recoil reduction bonus from tech 1, 2, 3, and 4 are ~-0.1, -0.2, -0.3, and -0.4 respectively.


  1. In the Hong Kong VersaLife facility. The augmentation canister can be found in the Versalife magnetic testing chamber in the level 1 laboratories.
    • "Mark, We received that augmentation canister you were waiting on -- I had it put in suspension in the magnetic testing chamber, code 5878. Let me know once you get results of the test. Thanks, Dr. Lundquist" -- Datacube on Versalife
  2. In Morgan Everett's residence in Paris. The augmentation canister can be found in Everett's Laboratory.
    • "I've placed the nano-organic material that we received today in suspension until you have an opportunity to perform an analysis: the codes are 2384 and 6426. Please let me know if you have any questions. -- Toby" -- Computer on Everett's Laboratory.
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