"Tarsus Academies promises the best education and training as well as placement with a sponsoring corporation in their covert operations."
— loading screen description, Deus Ex: Invisible War

Tarsus Academy is a worldwide educational institution providing the best education and training for various elite careers, be it tomorrow's leaders of the world, anti-terrorist agents or security agents for important places or organisations after the Collapse.


"Tarsus Academies is a global chain of schools that provides the best education and training for the select few who are admitted. Courses include academics as well as physical, technological, weapons and psychological training. Each student is matched with a sponsoring corporation that is not revealed until graduation, when the trainee joins that company’s covert operations."
— Description of Tarsus, 2072, Deus Ex: Invisible War
This training is provided for a relatively low tuition, but in exchange, applicants allow the organization to deploy them wherever it chooses once they have graduated from the program. Among the major attractions of the Tarsus Academy program is that it offers trainees the possibility of undergoing biomodification with biological nanites.

Unbeknownst to many of the applicants and trainees, however, is the fact that Tarsus Academy is actually a front for ApostleCorp, a radical think-tank that planned in the future to distribute biological nanites worldwide to allow a perfect equality between human beings, a perfect democracy where everyone of equal ability connected (not assimilated) to the Helios AI.

Specifically, the Tarsus Academy program was created to test out biomodifications with biological nanite that might enable the resuscitation of JC Denton, who was rendered comatose by experimental nanite.

Known AcademiesEdit


  • The name Tarsus hints at the organization's true affiliation - in the Bible, Tarsus was the birthplace of the Apostle Paul.
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