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"Tarsus Apartments" is the first level in Deus Ex: Invisible War.

Alex Denton starts in his room, with a case in front of him containing a map. There is also a pair of binoculars above the case on a shelf. On the other side of the room there is a computer, which he must use to get access to the rest of the level. In the next room there is another datapad, with Billie Adams' room number, 451. You must talk to Billie to get to code for the elevator. On the way there a scripted event that kills a guard, who will drop a ammo clip.


1 elevator to Tarsus Recreation (one way)



  • Image - Map of apartments
  • In game hint - Billie in room 451

News Terminal[]

  • Chicago attack, basic summary
  • Pequod's
  • Chicago attack, basic bomb details and evacuation speculation.


Labelling the first unlockable door 451 is a running joke in games by Warren Spector. System Shock was the first game that used this code. Deus Ex's first door was unlocked by the 0451 combination, which was also used in Deus Ex: Human Revolution at the start of the game. The code itself was originally used to open the offices of Looking Glass Studios, and not an allusion to Fahrenheit 451 as is commonly mistaken.[1]