The Tarvos corporate vault computer appears in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. It is owned by Tarvos Security Services and is located in their Palisade corporate vault. The computer contains e-mails from the owner of Tarvos, discussing the re-branding of Belltower Associates to Tarvos Security Services.

It has a security rating of 2 and the password is LKMN01259KNML.


Court transcript - EWHCEdit

From: St.John.Ffolkes.L@tarvos.corp
To: Bell.A@tarvos.corp



I think this is the section we were talking about. I have the rest of the record on file somewhere.

Page 1131-1132

St. John-Ffolkes - Cross/EWHC

1 that you categorically deny ANY knowledge of the methods
2 utilize by personnel in your employ?
3 ASJ-F: If you will refer to my prepared statement-
4 QB: We have already heard your statement, Mr. St. John-Ffolkes.
5 I am trying to ascertain the facts in the face of these very
6 serious allegations. Human trafficking. War crimes. Unspeakable
7 experimentation on --
8 ASJ-F: Allegations only. That Belltower is even suspected of such
9 atrocities on the word of known cyber-criminals is a travesty.
10 They are known anarchists.
11 QB: The source of the proof does not repudiate it, sir. The events
12 of the Australian Offensive are part of the public record.
13 ASJ-F: We were under contract to the South Australian
14 Federation. It was war.
15 QB: That excuse was stale decades ago. Private military
16 contractors have been brought low by less. The information
17 that came out of Rifleman Bank Station --
18 ASJ-F: Rumors. Nothing but hearsay. And we've suffered for it
19 already.
20 QB: Sir, in the court of public opinion, you are already guilty. I
21 strongly suspect that the future of Belltower Associates is not

Luna Insta-Messaging autosaveEdit

From: fburns@HQ01.belltower.le
To: Luther.SJ-F@HQ.belltower.le


The conversation was automatically saved in your Conversation History:

>LSJ-F: How much is this going to hurt us?
>frankie: Personally? Not much. We're going to have to downsize somewhat
>LSJ-F: That's fine. But contract-wise?
>frankie Many of our existing clients will be on-board. They know the same management will be behind the new name. Many of the same personnel
>LSJ-F: All good news.
>frankie: my worry is keeping the transfer out of the public eye.
>LSJ-F: the public are idiots
>LSJ-F: once this all blows over, they'll completely forget the name Belltower Associates
>frankie: so you don't think the Tarvos Security brand will be affected?
LSJ-F: that's what rebranding is all about... AND your job, right?
>frankie: ... yes.

Three more!Edit

From: Duggan.B@tarvos.corp
To: St.John-Ffolkes.L@tarvos.corp


Good day Luther,

Just a quick message to keep you up to date. Tai Yong Medical has re-upped (as expected). Mostly the same personnel will stay in place. The new uniforms will have to be shipped as soon as available.

The contract in Brunei has been approved. It took a lot of negotiating but I was able to sway them. It's a big one. They are looking for us to provide upwards of 300 troops. They'll be patrolling Bandar Seri Bagawan and a number of their off-shore oil concerns.

Palisade Property Bank in Prague has also come on board. Much of their security is automated, but they feel 'a physical presence is necessary for them to promote the sense of safety and security their clientele have come to expect.' I'm not going to argue with them. Small output of manpower for now, but I get the sense they will be expanding soon.

All in all, Tarvos Security is picking up right where we left off.


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