Ted Bruger's computer in his office.

Ted Bruger's computer is a computer appearing in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. This computer is located in Ted Bruger's office (number 32) of Sarif Industries HQ. His computer has a security rating of 2 and the password is eclipse.

E-mails[edit | edit source]

RE: Late Night Coffee Break[edit | edit source]

FROM: Andrea van Wesel
TO: Ted Bruger

I guess I'm just full of surprises :-)

Ted Bruger (tbruger@SI.corp.det) wrote:

>Andrea, you gotta tell me. WHat the hell WAS
>that the other night? First of all, I had no
>clue you were interested. And no idea you were
>still in the lab! But when I went to put the
>extra No-poz away and caught you reaching into
>the freezer--!!! Well, needless to say it was a
>VERY PLEASANT surprise.
>Thank God Rosellini didn’t walk in on us.

Network Security[edit | edit source]

FROM: Francis Pritchard
TO: SI Global

As you are no doubt aware, terrorism is on the rise in this city. We in the IT department are working day and night to keep this company safe from outside attack, but YOU are making the job harder every time you fail to follow the MOST BASIC of network security rules! Which is why I must now remind all of you to…

  • LOCK your computer screen the moment you step away from it!
  • CHANGE your password every six weeks in keeping with network protocols!
  • NEVER write down your password or give it to anyone else UNLESS he has SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATION AUTHORITY!
  • SURF THE INTERNET ONLY when you are in the safety and comfort of your own home.

Simple rules people. Let’s try to follow them.

Frank Pritchard
Chief of Network Security
Sarif Industries

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