Teoh Deming's computer in their office.

Teoh Deming's computer is a computer appearing in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. It can be found in Teoh Deming's office in the Upper Management section of Tai Yong Medical. The computer is unlocked so no login details are needed.

E-mails[edit | edit source]

TYM condolences[edit | edit source]

FROM: amargoulis@SI.corp.det
TO: Teoh Deming

Please inform Ms. Zhao that – while appreciated – her concern over Sarif Industries’ ability to weather recent ‘setbacks’ is completely unfounded. Mr. Sarif has no intention of selling his company to Tai Yong Medical now, or at any date in the future.

We respectfully request that you tell Ms. Zhao to cease any and all communications along those lines immediately. If she will not, Mr. Sarif will have no choice but to view them as hostile, and take steps accordingly.


Athene Margoulis
Executive Assistant
Sarif Industries

RE: Hostile Takeover[edit | edit source]

FROM: Zhao Yun Ru
TO: Teoh Deming

No. Do nothing for now. The man is stubborn but he CAN be broken. Right now, he is trusting to the strength of his connections – those idiots in Washington who keep funding his research. Take away those, weaken THEIR confidence in him and he will have no choice but to sell.

I will advise you when it is time.

Teoh Deming wrote:

>I have received a response but nothing has
>changed. Do you wish me to begin approaching
>the stockholders?
>Teoh Deming
>VP, Business Affairs
>Tai Yong Medical Corporation

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