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Terminus Machina is an unofficial gameplay mod for Deus Ex, adding several skills, mechanics, and objects to the game. This mod has been known as the hardest Deus Ex Total Conversion.



  • The player can find either random junk lying around or interactive objects that house craftables. Some objects can also be 'Scrapped,' which turns useless items into useful craftables. These items can be crafted into useful tools, weapons, and bombs in the 'Make' section of the menu screen. The player can either experiment with recipes by pressing on 'invent' or they can search the world for ROM Disks which house pre-made recipes. Some items will need certain skills to be upgraded before crafting.

Facial Identity Masking[]

  • Facial masking can be used against cameras and can also be used in conversations to trick, intimidate, or have special conversations with NPCs. The player will need to upgrade the social engineering skill, craft or find the Nohface augmentation, and collect 'faces' by either finding them or capturing them with the Sousveiller camera, which can be either crafted or found in the world.

Wireless Hacking[]


Wireless Hacking in Terminus Machina

  • The player can wirelessly hack terminals that show up on the world map. To do this, upgrade your computer skill, find a wireless signal, click on 'Hack' in the menu screen, click on 'Sniff,' then you can find usernames/passwords in the packets by fiddling with 'Alg' and 'Table'.


  • The calorie meter is displayed in the top left corner.  If calories drop too low, you start losing health till you starve. You must eat food to survive. The Naturepunk skill will assist your hunting. Hunger takes from about an hour to half an hour to starve from full hunger.


  • Make biohacks using the suitcase biolab item in combination with other items.


  • Being spotted by a surveillance camera, or walking in a random spot, can result in instakilling drone airstrikes. They can be avoided by hiding under ceilings or sneaking past a camera. Connecting to an internet signal may alert enemies to your location. Be careful to who you reveal your name and faction to, as it may result in you being captured.


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Although it is best that you experience the mod for yourself, there is currently no complete walkthrough of the game.

After watching the cutscene, pickup the gRAM chip next to you and use it. Upgrade the Computer skill to Trained and upgrade another skill of your choice. You might have seen that you are starving, and your objective is to eat food. Do NOT complete the woman's seed sidequest yet as it is far too risky and has low output. Run north, and on the first alleyway to your right, pickup the combat knife on the ground. Go back south and lure the dogs away from the bums, fight and replinish your hunger. If you have the Naturepunk skill set to Trained, your objective will be complete here. If not, find and fight the dogs behind the pawn shop and north of the resturaunt. Pick up any junk along the way.

Now that the first objective is complete, it is highly recommended to craft a backpack out of a broken tote-bag and wires. Keep exploring the western portion of the wasteland. If you have the Social Engineering skill at Trained, you can go into the restaurant and convince a man to give you an IED. Behind the High School, you can find some thugs who will drop pistols and crowbars. Carefully take them out, and also take out the thug with the sword. Sell your combat knife to the pawnshop, along with any berries that you don't need. By this point, you can take out the bums where the dogs were just to be safe.

Go to the commvan behind the pawnshop. The code to get in is 1984. Take the key and lockpick, and disable the cameras via the terminal. If you have enough money, you can go into the High School to get some needed skill points, beer, and junk. Make sure to grab the 5 Silvers to the right of the enterance.

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  • It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you run the training mission before playing Terminus Machina  in order to learn the new mechanics and skills.
  • Upgrade the Computer skill to Trained before anything else.
  • Save very often.
  • Avoid going to the very edges of the map, as it will insta-kill you.
  • Sell Combat knives for easy money.
  • Craft the Tote Bag for a very useful backpack.
  • Console Command: "Setdiff (1 - 4)" Sets the game difficulty from 1 (easy) to 4 (very hard).