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DXMD story item Textbook
DXMD story item Textbook cover

Textbook is a story item in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. The item is a textbook written by Dr. Nicholas Cipra, titled Advanced Neurological Treatments for Social Phobia. The item is a piece of clue in the mission SM11: The Last Harvest.

The textbook contains a collage of headlines pertaining to Marek Svobotka, assembled by Daria Myška.


A textbook about managing psychological disorders written by Dr. Nicholas Cipra.


The item is found in Daria's apartment unit in the Zeleň Apartments during SM11: The Last Harvest. The item is visible in her apartment prior to then, but cannot be interacted with until the mission is started.

Collage headlines[]

Left page[]

  • Czech-American...
    • Marek Svobotka was initially...most recent in a series of...Svobotka claimed to...jogging at night. Police... his fingerprints were recovered...Svobotka maintained through...
  • Aug Serial Killer Saw Himself as "Savior"
    • Marek Svobotka, the man responsible...recent series of brutal Aug murders...believed that augmentation - or " he kept calling it - was preventing...from attaining
  • Aug Killer on the Loose
    • Though the number of victims has reached thirteen, police continue to resist speculation that the mur[ders] are the work of a serial killer.
  • "Helping Them Go to Heaven"
  • Families of...Attend Executi[on]
    • Family members confide... is impossible, but are none[theless] relieved that Marek Svobotka will no longer be able to hurt anyone.
  • Police Deny Chinese underw[orld]
    • "The media gave that name ('The [Harvester]...Gregor Smolinski
    • "Now they are using the name as proof...halfway around the world. It is all media invention! It is absurd!"
  • Marek Svobotka to be Executed Tomorrow
    • The man who claims to have saved the souls of dozens of augmented victims is to be put to death tomorrow afternoon.
  • Police Deny Rumor of Copycat Killer
    • "The evidence simply isn't there yet"

Right page[]

  • "I Try To Keep Them Alive For As Long As Possible"
  • "Fifth Augmen[ted] Victim in a Month"
  • [Svobot]ka's American [Upbr]inging"
  • One Year Later, Memories of "Harvester" Killings Continue to Haunt Local Citizens
  • "Local Penitentiary Wins Lucrative Tai Yong Medical Contract"
  • ...Claims H[e] [wa]s Trying to "Make Them Human"
  • [Remo]val [of Augme]nts Links Local Murders
  • Chinese Gangsters "Offended" By European Serial Killer's Name
  • Local ... [c]alling Ser[ial Killer] "The Harvester"
  • Salvation Through Torture
    • How Marek Svobotka's Nightmare Vision [H]as Become Political Reality