The Belltower Way is a series eBooks in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. This series includes the following parts:

Corporate Background Brief[edit | edit source]

The Belltower Group provides a maximum spectrum private military/security solution for every need; the company was incorporated in 1997, beginning life as a security consultancy and close protection (bodyguard) agency.

Currently with offices in Afghanistan, Bahrain, China, Iraq, Kenya, India, and the United States, our headquarters in England is a hardened skyscraper with all the capabilities of a military base, situated in the London sink, an area of reclaimed land close to the river Thames. Other key facilities include a maritime base on the US Gulf coast and a training facility in Bangalore, India.

Belltower's services are tailored for international clients, including governments, international agencies, and the corporate sector. It is also a registered and active UN contractor.

We provide specialist security and risk management solutions to counter extreme threats, along with exfiltration, K&R, threat neutrality operations and quick-react symphonic defenses.

Company History[edit | edit source]

In the 1990's, decorated officer Roger St John-Ffolkes left the British Army and became a strategic consultant for a UK-based Private Military Contractor (PMC). What he learned there encouraged him to strike out on his own. Calling in favors from contracts gleaned from years in the Army, St John-Ffolkes set up Belltower UK, the precursor to The Belltower Group PLC. His personal ethos informed everything about the company's operations and corporate policy, and Belltower became known for its refusal to engage in any contracts of an "ethically challenged" nature.

At first, Belltower operated in a minor conflict hotspots, handling low-level corporate security, kidnap and retrieval and close protection details. By the early 2000's, the company had expanded its operations and grown into Belltower Associates. An umbrella entity, the Belltower Group now included sub-divisions such as Belltower Maritime Security, Belltower Alpha, HackWall Data Protection Services, and Skye Secure Aviation.

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