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The Doctrine of the Mighty is a book appearing in Deus Ex. Two copies of the book can be found in barracks of the Knights Templar Cathedral in Paris.


The Doctrine of the Mighty
by The Majestic Council of the Twelve

It is a commonly held precept that two are stronger than one, and that four are stronger than two, and that sixteen are by far stronger than four; with this, there can be no argument. If all of human history is but a single lesson, it is that the individual may be remembered, but the organization persists and thrives. A single artist, a single general, a single hero or a single villain may all die, but it is impossible to kill a people, a nation, an idea -- except when that idea has grown weak and is overpowered by one that is stronger.

This then is the true calling of those who would be mighty and join They Who Rule the World in Majesty, to shun all that is empty fame and glory; to eliminate weak thoughts, weak hands, and weak ideas; to give up vain individuality and instead become part of something that is glorious and strong. This is the First Secret, that by surrendering that part of you that is the least, you are elevated to the Most. The First Secret shall set you free, and those who know their duty will find in it the keys to immortality.

The Second Secret can be explained to all, but truly understood only by those who have submitted to the first Body and Soul...