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The Hive (Chinese: 闹市区) is a nightclub on Jihui Street in Lower Hengsha. It is Adam Jensen's second target when he arrives on the island during the events of Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

Description and layout[]

The club is themed as a honey bee hive, and features the recurring hexagonal motif strongly. Persons of note inside include Tong Si Hung, along with Bobby Bao, the bartender on the main floor, who has a selection of cocktails for sale. There are many civilians and harvesters inside the club as well.

In the basement, there is a corpse with a pocket secretary on it. Also there is a rate-of-fire weapon upgrade in the room.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution[]

After visiting the Hengsha Court Gardens apartments while searching for the hacker that attempted to steal the data from Sarif Industries concerning the prototype of Typhoon Explosive System, Jensen is directed towards the club, where the hacker, Arie van Bruggen, headed for help from a crime boss, Tong Si Hung. Keep in mind that The Hive is not accessible during the second visit to Hengsha, so all sidequests associated with The Hive should be completed before Jensen leaves for Tai Yong Medical.

Methods of entry[]

  • Paying 1000 credits to the bouncer in front.
  • Taking down the bouncer, who has a membership card.
  • Using the membership card found in a room on the third floor of the Hung Hua Hotel.
  • Through the ventilation duct at the rear of the building.
  • Through the sewers, which lead into the basement staff area. The closest manhole on the streets is in the alley off the left side of the building.


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