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The Juggernaut Collective is an in-game eBook in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, containing the manifesto of the Juggernaut Collective. It can be found in the courtyard near Zelen Apartments, on an armrest of an armchair on the left.



We are Juggernaut.

We are not anarchists. We are not terrorists. We are not criminals or political dissidents or hackers of the disaffected. This is how THEY define us, but we are Juggernaut.

They have made the rules. They have passed the laws. They have created the systems that keep them in power. Systems where their methods and standards and mind-sets are valued. Systems that keep the rest of us in our place.

We are like you, only we have a common goal to expose the truth. We are like you, only we will no longer ignore the man behind the curtain. We will illuminate the power-mongers.

They are the shadowy cabals that seek to control us. They sit in the halls of power and reign over the masses with God-given right. This cannot last.

It will not last.

We will bring down their institutions. We will expose their secrets and let YOU judge.

We are Juggernaut.

You are Juggernaut.

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