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This article is about the mission in Deus Ex: The Fall. For the computer system used by the Tyrants, see Killing Floor.
Part 2
Jaron Namir had said that a man named Mikhail Kontarsky was responsible for the deaths of Ben Saxon's teammates during his time at Belltower. Seeking revenge, Saxon worked with the Tyrants to kill Kontarsky. However the assassination does not sit well with him. Saxon becomes suspicious of the Tyrants and begins to question their real motives. Janus the mysterious hacker figure had mentioned something called the "Killing Floor" program. On the Tyrant Jetliner, a mobile base fitted with stealth gear, Saxon investigates into his team's activities. He reveals to Kelso what he found...

M1 - The Killing Floor is a mission in Deus Ex: The Fall. It is the second part of the prologue to the game. The name of the mission refers to the Tyrants' communication system of the same name.

Primary Objectives[]

Access the Killing Floor[]

You start on the lower floor where the Tyrants' rooms are located. Take the stairs to the upper floor and access the door to your right. It is locked so either hack it or enter the code (0101) acquired from a pocket secretary in Jaron Namir's room. Once inside, access the computer to finish the objective.

Ben Saxon Resignation

Ben Saxon quitting the Tyrants.

Confront Namir[]

Go back to the lower floor and enter the door at the far end of the corridor. You will find Namir in the cargo bay ahead. Talk to him to finish the mission.


  • The achievement Piss Off Barrett can only be obtained in this mission.
  • Ben Saxon's recounting of his escape from the Tyrant Jetliner, as portrayed in-game, has major differences from the description of the actual events in chapter 10 of the novel Deus Ex: Icarus Effect.
    • In general, Saxon's escape is substantially simplified. In Icarus Effect, Saxon causes a fire alarm by firing a stun gun round into the plane's display console and then fights through Gunther Hermann and Lawrence Barrett to exit the plane.
    • In Icarus Effect, the confrontation with Namir does not happen at the cargo bay but instead occurs at the start of Saxon's escape, before he causes the fire alarm. Nonetheless, the in-game dialogue with Namir is heavily based on the corresponding dialogue in the novel, with many parts of the in-game dialogue being identical or nearly identical to the dialogue in the novel.
    • These discrepancies do not constitute a continuity error, however, since the in-game events are only Saxon's recounting of the events to Anna Kelso.