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The Last Straw is a secret achievement/trophy in Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

This is part of the story mission for locating Dr. Sandoval in Detroit during the Anti-Augmentation Riots and then talking him out of killing himself with the revolver. Successfuly persuading him to not kill himself grants the achivement.


  • It is possible to lock out this achievement by creating a scenario wherein Sandoval is hostile upon meeting the player, including a different cutscene with Sandoval attempting to shoot Adam Jensen, if Taggart's computer is hacked and no evidence is planted.
  • Due to a bug this may occur even if the player has obtained Sandoval's location from Taggart by winning a conversation battle, and will persist even if reloading from before talking to Taggart. It is possible to get around this by reloading from the immediate start of the Detroit 2 area and proceeding directly with the main quest. It is important not to attempt any side quests during these missions until the achievement has been obtained. If following the path of winning the social battle with Taggart it is important not to take any hostile action within the convention center, including hacking alarm panels and the security computer.