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The Modern Terrorist's Handbook is a book appearing in Deus Ex. It is an illicit publication about the use of computer viruses to sabotage services or steal confidential information. A copy can be found on the table in the bedroom in Smuggler's Lair during each of the three visits to Hell's Kitchen.


The Modern Terrorist's Handbook
Section 7C. Computer Virus Cultivation

One tool (or weapon) not to be negklectedsicsic in the arsenal of the modern terrorristsicsic is the use of computer viruses to cause disruptionsicsic to major city services and infrastuctresicsic, or other targets of opportunity. Current heuristical viral stalkers ar einfectivesicsic against modern polymorphic "hothouse" engines available from many sites on the UnderNet, and can be easily linked to IP-tunnellers for a cheap, effective denilesicsic of service attack -- or, with some programming skilzsicsic and icebreakers, a mutagenic crash ’n grab bird can be grown for the tretievalsicsic of speicisicsic info from the unfortunate victims..

The following pages will discuss some of the more typical viruses, such as the Bandersnatchv128, Ulysses Dilemma, and I09...


The names of the viruses mentioned in the last paragraph are literary references: