The Nameless Mod is an unofficial mod for Deus Ex, a total conversion with new story. It requires the 1.112fm version of Deus Ex. It can be installed on the Retail and the GOTY Edition versions.


The mod was made by Off Topic Productions and released in 2009 after 7 years of development. The mod is very similar to Deus Ex in that it uses the same world textures, the same character models (though all are retextured), and the same multiple-solution gameplay that has made Deus Ex popular. At the same time, The Nameless Mod introduces an entirely new setting, a new story, characters, and several new items, weapons, and enemies. The game is not set in the Deus Ex Universe.


The Nameless Mod takes place in Forum City, a physical representation of the Planet Deus Ex forums on the internet in the present day. While patrolling the streets, one of the 3 moderators, Deus Diablo, disappears for an unknown reason. One of the remaining moderators, Phasmatis, calls in the player character, Trestkon, to solve Diablo's disappearance. Over the course of the game, Trestkon must work either with the moderators or with Scara B. King, the antagonistic owner of WorldCorp, to accomplish his goals. Depending on for whom they work, the player will be lead down 2 entirely different storylines, each over 15 hours long, and their choices will have as much impact on future events as in Deus Ex, eventually culminating in one of 5 conclusions and a detailed epilogue based on the choices the player made during the playthrough.


  • A total of 59 maps between both story arcs, not including a few secret maps.
  • 20 new weapons, including the players own fists and molotov cocktails that must be crafted using the player's Demolition Skill.
  • Nearly 100 tracks of new Music.
  • Over 200,000 words of dialogue, including 13,000 lines of speech, hundreds of books, datacubes and newspapers to be read.


The Australian PC PowerPlay extraordinarily reviewed The Nameless Mod with the "real" games and gave it a 9 out of 10, praising the gameplay but criticising the buggy state of the initial version and the dated technology. German magazine GameStar gave it 5 out of 5. The mod was awarded first place in ModDB's Editor's Choice award for single-player mod of the year, and 8th place in the Player's Choice award for all categories of mods. As of September 2011, it has a user rating of 9.7 out of 10 on ModDB.