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The Profitable Prophet is an eBook that appears in the DLC A Criminal Past for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. It can be found in the Automated Security office on level 5 of the Tower, on the desk to the left of the door heading downstairs.


By Khalil Kardi

Poem 78
"Crime and Punishment for the Augmented People"

A citizen of the city stood forth and asked, "Can we talk of Crime and Punishment for the Augmented People?"

The Profitable Prophet answered:
When your augmentation convinces your mind to commit a wrong act unto others it binds your natural-self to the truth to come.

The truth is that an equally wrong act will be acted back unto you by the universe.

Your natural-self yearns to be safe.
Your aug-self does not consider your being.

Often have I heard people speak of the augmented who commit wrongs as though they are not human, but an intruder upon their world.

This is wrong. Augmented people are people.

The "intruder" is a place to shift blame and punishment.

Do we punish those who are already overflowing with remorse?

The answer is yes.

Internal punishment is immeasurable and can often be covered with a veneer of deception.