The Singularity Church of the MachineGod is an eBook in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. It is the manifesto of the Singularity Church of the MachineGod.

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Our Manifesto

Have you ever wondered about the fate of our species?

We exist in a time unlike any other; a time where man can go beyond the tyranny of flesh and embrace a new tomorrow.

We share the belief of a manifest destiny for our species, a future where human instrumentality evolves into a form beyond our crude flesh and blood.

The next evolution is near, A coming together of man and machine. A synthesis greater than the birth of the human organism.

This is the Singularity. The God in the Machine.

Many cultures predict an end to humanity in the near future, a final Armageddon that will end the world; but we disagree.

We know the future of man.

Join us. Understand the path that unfolds before our species.

Grow beyond the bounds of flesh and blood.

Embrace the Singularity!

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