The Social Monitor is a series of eBooks in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided that can be found in Prague. A copy of "The New Mystics" chapter can be found in the room at the back of The Time Machine, "The Shame of Aug Ghettoes" - on the benches inside the Monument Station.

The New Mystics[edit | edit source]

In the wake of the Aug Incident, a tide of chaos and confusion has swept up most of the world's population. It has left many searching for meaning and turning to faith in increasing numbers. Most flock to established religions, but many others opt for less mainstream organizations.

Professing to bring solace to the augmented, several pro-augmentation, quasi-religious groups have sprung up to join long established sects such as the NuChrist Initiative (2019) and the Singularity Church of the MachineGod (2016).

Not surprisingly, neo-Luddist and anarcho-primitivist sects have also emerged, capitalizing on and often spreading the fear of augmented humans.

The issue now faces us: how to discern the organizations truly looking to bring comfort to the masses, from the many opportunists who are only too willing to take advantage of the credulous in times of turmoil?

The Shame of Aug Ghettoes[edit | edit source]

By virtue of social and legal pressures, many large cities (esp. in the western world) have undergone a transformation in the last two years. Willingly or not, the augmented population in each of these cities has been corralled into specific neighborhoods. Restricted and segregated.

Originally marketed as specialized living got the enhanced, these districts quickly became something else; under serviced, inadequate housing only meant to keep conflicts and competition between the augmented with the 'normal' population.

It didn't take long for these communities to earn less than flattering names from the surrounding communities. TinTown, Golem City, The Rust Belt. It took even less time for these areas to become enclaves (often armed) that even local law enforcement avoided, at least without sufficient back-up.

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