Darrow giving his speech in Panchaea.

The Speech is an eBook in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. It is Hugh Darrow's speech notes for the Panchaea opening. The eBook can be found on the rostrum in Panchaea's press conference room, where Adam Jensen confronts Darrow.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Mr. Secretary General, distinguished delegates, ladies and gentlemen

David Sarif has asked me to assembly you here today, so that we might speak openly and honestly about a global issue. An issue which even now threatens to pull our society apart.

I am speaking, of course, of Human Enhancement Technology. The merging of man and machine.

Contrary to popular opinion, I did not come up with the concept. But twenty years ago I embraced it -- with all my heart and soul -- for I believed that blending technology with human biology would enable us to reach a level of achievement which only gods can achieve.

I saw us living as gods -- in a realm without illness, suffering, or death. A realm in which every individual is able to become the Man that biology, society, circumstance, or Fate has tried so desperately to keep him from becoming.

I, myself, hoped to be one of those men.

Twenty years later, I can say with certainty that this dream I had is tarnished. Human Enhancement Technology has not turned us into gods. Instead, it has opened the door, once again, for powerful men to believe they have the right to make others what they please.

Men want control. Of the future. Of the world. Of each other.

David asked me to show the world how human enhancement technology can change it. And after careful deliberation, I've realized I must do exactly that. I know that many of you will condemn me after today but I also believe that one day, I will be remembered as the man who saved Humanity.

David, forgive me.

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