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— Spoilers for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided follow!
DXMD trophy Fresh out of the Package

The Time Machine is a second-hand bookstore in the Překážka district of Prague owned by Václav Koller. It is located in the southern portion of the city, close to the Čapek's Fountain metro station. It also serves as an entrance to Koller's underground (both figuratively and literally) augmentation clinic.


The bookshop is one of the only ones remaining in the city, as physical books are becoming unpopular by 2029. One customer refers to it as a "real out-of-way gem" due to its diverse collection of rare printed books.[1]

Two other people work with Koller in The Time Machine: Lucina Horal at the front desk who deals directly with customers,[2] and Kamil Buranek who works in the back room and handles new book deliveries.[3]


The Time Machine 03

Annotated map of The Time Machine (locations of guards during the main mission M3: Getting in Top Shape Again are shown)

The bookshop itself has two floors that are filled with books for customers to buy. On the ground floor to the right of the front entrance is the back room where the shipments of new books come in. Václav Koller's office is on the second floor, to the left when at the top of the stairs. In his office, Koller has a "secret entrance" into his underground augmentation clinic. It can be accessed by pulling on a red book, revealing a hidden elevator behind one of the bookcases.

After Jensen's first visit to the lab, another hidden passage can be discovered behind a false wall that leads directly up to the nearby streets.

Deus Ex: Mankind DividedEdit

Following the Růžička Station bombing, Adam Jensen visits Koller in The Time Machine so that his augmentations can be repaired. However, at the time, the bookshop is being overrun by Dvali thugs who are searching for Koller. They have been sent by Otar Botkoveli who wants to see Václav in person. The Dvali damage the place considerably while looking for Koller, including knocking over bookcases and shooting at the books on the shelves. Václav cannot be found by them, however, since he is hiding in his secret quarters in the basement.


Otar can order his men to burn Time Machine if Koller is not in his favor. This can be avoided by either striking a deal with him and fulfills both of his related quests, by not seeking the neuroplasticity calibrator or by killing both Otar and his henchman Vano Shetekauri before retrieving the item.

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