"Integrating woven fiber-optics and an advanced computing system, thermoptic camo can render an agent invisible to both humans and bots by dynamically refracting light and radar waves; however, the high power drain makes it impractical for more than short-term use, after which the circuitry is fused and it becomes useless."
Deus Ex description

Active Camouflage, called thermoptic camo in game, is a usable item in Deus Ex. Thermoptic camo briefly makes the player invisible to organic enemies, bots, and lasers, however over time the wiring will fuse and the suit will become useless. Although it can prove to be very useful at certain points early in the game, later in the game it is outdone by the Cloak augmentation. Cloak can be used more than once, can be used longer than camo if the player has the bioenergy to spare, and also does not require the valuable inventory space that the camo takes up. However, the thermoptic camo is the only way to pass through lasers undetected. So it still has some uses.

Environmental Training Skill Duration
Untrained 12.5
Trained 16.7
Advanced 25.0
Master 50.0


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