• Hey everyone,

    A lot of new content will be added soon about Mankind Divided, which is obviously going to contain some spoilers. To ensure everyone enjoys the game without being spoiled, any article with spoilers should include a spoiler banner at the top. This page outlines the rules about adding spoilers, and explains how to add the banner.

    Thanks for your help and contributions to the wiki!

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    • Ok, we are ready!

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    • I was about to ask something about this. I just received a guide that I bought yesterday from Seems to be a walkthrough and on p.16-17, I already see people that aren't here yet, including Janus's real face.

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    • Woo!!!!! I know everyone's ready for this game.

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    • Since my graphics card is too low, I didn't get the game yet (will be somewhere in September).

      However since I have that guide, I already have some keycodes that aren't on this page yet:

      Problem is, that I have no idea where these locations are. For example the code 5545 isn't in that list, which can be used at TF29. The guide says:

      "You get an NSN keycard from the locked IT Support area on the first floor. The door into that area is not too hard to hack, but if you need help, you can use a laptop nearby to get the code and break in that way (5545). You can also use the laptop to generate new passcodes for several other important laptops in the area."

      So, this laptop should be on the 1st floor at TF29, but I only have some game screenshots in this book and 2 blueprint like maps from the first 2 floors, so.

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    • @Perokolango,

      >> I have no idea where these locations are.

      "the locked IT Support area" is probably specific enough for the players to understand where that is. Or you could add those codes as "Somewhere in TF29 HQ", and hopefully other contributors will add more details. Having even just a plain list of codes for an area is useful enough.

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    • Ok, I've added every code that's in my guide, however 1 code doesn't have an inscription, because I'm not sure what it's supposed to open.

      This is what my guide says:

      "Avoid the cameras by moving cautiously when they're turned away from you. Get to the stairs and climb to the third floor. Knock out the only guard who is on the walkways in the center, and then open the door that he's near. The code is (0666) if you don't want to hack it."

      this is part of a side mission called "All In The Family", that you'll trigger during your second visit in Prague but only if you promised Otar Botkoveli to do him some favors. You need to knock out a guy called Dominik inside the Dvali Safehouse, drag his body to a storage locker outside the Dvali area and seal it.

      It could be the door towards a laundry room where this Dominik guy is, although I wouldn't understand why someone would seal a laundry room with an electronic lock...

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