• Hi, when you get a chance, can you look into this user's changes? I'm not overly familiar with the lore regarding the articles so I can't tell if it's accurate or them throwing in their own speculation.

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    • I think the anon is correct, although there is slightly conflicting information about this. One email says:

      ">I'd like to investigate the possibility of resurrecting
      >the bovine manipulation project (MJID-9803HU8932), with
      >an eye towards recreating the "Gray" lifeform -- while
      >the project was deemed a failure at the time, it _was_
      >successful as a propaganda tactic in diverting attention
      >away from actual Dreamland research."

      which I would say confirms they're not really aliens and are meant as more of a diversion. Although it might be slightly speculative to say the idea is to discredit any whistle-blowers rather than just confuse the public. Do you think the current phrasing should be reworded at all? Thanks for asking!

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    • Ok, thanks for that. I'd probably reword it just to remove the whistle-blower part then, as that email shows it was a diversion, but can't say for certain if it was also meant to discredit any potential whistle blowers.

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    • How you've rephrased it sounds good. Thanks for that :)

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