The computer used by Tibor Sokol in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided can be found in his housing unit (#000237) in Golem City. The computer is located in a hidden compartment that is accessed by a button under a desk. It has a security rating of 1.



From: Zola MatthewssicIcon sic
To: Tibor Sokol

Good afternoon, Mr. Sokol,

Please allow me a moment to introduce myself, my name is Zola Mathews. I am the Interpol WITSEC agent Director James Miller assigned to your file.
I wanted to take this opportunity to inform you that we are actively preparing your file and will be in contact again soon with details of your relocation, for you and your family.
In the interim, if you have any questions regarding your file, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Zola Mathews
Lyon, France

Last WarningEdit

From: Yara
To: Tibor Sokol


I don't care if you like to play revolutionary with your ARC friends, I want you to stay away from Drago. The PCR were just here asking questions. Again. Lucky for us Drago was able to convince them that he is not involved with ARC.
I wish you would just listen to your brother and stay out of trouble.


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