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Dr. Tiffany Kavanagh is a high ranking scientist on the OCM Project and a key character in Deus Ex: Human Revolution - The Missing Link.


Kavanagh is a scientist working for the biotechnology corporation VersaLife. Prior to 2027, herself and her colleague Gary Savage, who likely became her love interest, are moved to Rifleman Bank Station to get the OCM project back on track. Once she begins to work on it, she realizes the true objective of the project. Despite having strong objections to OCM upon realizing what her role entails, Gary tells her to keep her head down and continue working until an opportunity arises. She does not get on with Pieter Burke, the commander of Rifleman Bank. She is suspicious of his interest in the OCM project, and believes that he is using it to further his military aspirations.[1]

During the events of The Missing Link, she continues to work against her will under the orders of Burke, and is then met by Adam Jensen, who convinces her to leave in a submersible with incriminating evidence on Belltower.

After gathering all she can, she heads to escape, only to be locked in her lab by Burke, who begins flooding it with toxic gas. At this point Jensen can choose to save or sacrifice Kavanagh for the lives of numerous innocents. If he saves Kavanagh, she will briefly thank him before escaping the facility through different means.


  • During the events of The Missing Link, Burke states he knows Savage and Kavanagh are romantically involved. Savage has a deceased wife and a daughter named Tiffany in Deus Ex. The decision to save or lose Kavanagh is open-ended, as she could either be Savage's future wife, or his daughter could just be named after her.
  • Kavanagh's relationship with Gary Savage is not explicitly stated. No romantic feelings are explicitly expressed between the two during gameplay. Upon his departure, Savage is directed by Kavanagh to seek out her sister, Sandra. Pieter Burke, angered at Kavanagh's insolence in an overheard conversation, makes a reference to Savage's "office romance", stating that while he had previously ignored it, he would force "her" into the Hyron Project, most likely referring to Kavanagh. Kavanagh's status after the Missing Link, in which the player must make a decision to save or lose her, is not confirmed.

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