Toby Atanwe is a high-ranking member of the Illuminati in 2052. He is Morgan Everett's messenger and bodyguard.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Atanwe is one of Morgan Everett's only means of physically communicating with the outside world, as Everett is bound to his home at all times, due to Majestic 12's control over Paris.

Toby meets JC Denton at a metro station near the Cathedrale de Payens. He knocks JC unconscious and then wakes him in Everett's top-secret home.

If Jock is killed in Area 51 by the bomb the fake mechanic put in his helicopter, then Everett consoles JC by telling him that he has ordered Atanwe to kill the mechanic.

Atanwe can also be killed by JC in Everett's residence.

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