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Dr. Todd is a member and a scientist of the Knights Templar in 2072.


In 2072, he is residing in Flight Bay 23, on level 110 and is surrounded by several Templar Paladins and an RB-76 Military bot. He will ask Alex Denton for a sample of their blood, in hopes of making a "Plague" that will wipe out all biomodifications in the world, fulfilling the Templar's hopes of Genetic Purity.

Invisible War[]

Even if the player doesn't plan on helping the Templars, they will likely still confront Todd, as Paul Denton's frozen body is being held in Flight Bay 23, behind him.


  • Giving the blood sample will not necessarily get the Knights Templar ending to the game, as the player still can upload the Aquinas Protocol to the Illuminati, ApostleCorp or to neither faction, and get a different ending to the game, but siding with Dr. Todd will give the player a peaceful standing with Saman and the other Knights Templar on Liberty Island later in the game, and hostile with other factions.