Tomas Romanek is the account manager at the Palisade Property Bank in Prague. He appears in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and can be spoken to in his office on the lobby floor of the Bank during the second visit to Prague.

Biography Edit

Romanek has a low opinion of augmented people and will act rudely to Adam Jensen. Nonetheless, Romanek takes client management role seriously, and will apologize to Jensen for being rude if Jensen manages to fool Romanek into mistakenly believing that Jensen is Oleg Drago, who is a new client of the bank.

Interactions Edit

Successfully speaking with Romanek during the second visit to Prague will grant you a keycard to Section A of the Executive Safes.

To speak with Romanek, first talk to the receptionist. Ask the receptionist about the Executive Safes, and then ask to meet the account manager. When speaking with Romanek, inquire about opening an account at the bank. Romanek will rebuke you at first. In response, you may:

  • bribe him with at least 5000 Credit symbol,
  • persuade him into thinking that you are here to audit the bank's security sent by security supervisor Daniel Janecek (by selecting "manipulate" and then "bluff"), or
  • show him Oleg Drago's datastick (found at the location of the "Rich Man Poor Aug" POI).

If you successfully converse with Romanek, he will provide you with the keycard for Executive Safes A. He will additionally will inform you that he will instruct security to grant you access the upstairs floor of the Bank. However, due to what appears to be a bug, only the bribe option works fully as intended in granting access to the upstairs floor; the third floor may remain restricted if either of the other options are used. If you were caught during the first day, the bribe won't work, as the whole bank is on high alert.

During the first visit to Prague, Romanek can be found on the third floor of the Bank, trying in vain to talk Versalife out of divesting.

Quotes Edit

  • "You're all the same aren't you? Thank you're better than real humans? I remember how it was. Before the Incident. All you rich bastards... flashing your money."

Notes Edit

  • If he his knocked out during Jensen's first visit to Prague during the day, he will not appear after the return from Útulek Complex, even though the Palisade receptionists sends Adam to his office.
  • Regardless if Jensen impersonates Oleg Drago, in subsequent interactions Romanek will act as if Adam was sent by Janecek. This is likely an oversight.

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