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Tommy the Talking Greasel is a book appearing in Deus Ex: Invisible War. It is a book on the subject of transgenics, aimed towards children.


Tommy the Talking Greasel
by Stewart Deere

Tommy was a Greasel. He looked scary. He sounded scary. But he was not like the other Greasels. He was nice. And he could talk!

He was always afraid of Bloodstain, the large red greasel who was the leader of his pack. Bloodstain always wanted to hurt people, and cats, and rats, and pigeons. Tommy liked all of the people and animals, but he was not strong enough to stop Bloodstain and the other greasels from hurting them. Bloodstain could not talk, and was very angry when he found out Tommy could. He spit at Tommy over and over, and Tommy was lucky to get away alive.

Then Tommy found Timmy, a little boy in a wheelchair who could not walk or talk. When Timmy saw Tommy his eyes went wide with fear, but Tommy said “don’t be afraid, I am not a monster, I am a transgenic. I will ride around in your lap and talk for you. I was created to serve you. We can be friends.” At first Timmy’s mother did not like the idea, but when she learned that Tommy could talk she laughed and laughed.

You see? Not all transgenic creatures are bad. If we give them a chance they can be our friends!