Top 10 Tech... Abandoned Technologies is an in-game eBook in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. In can be found in Richard's hideout during the Cult of Personality side mission. The book is about the technology that Richard used to influence and manipulate his cult followers.

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6. "The Community Initiative"

No project was more scrutinized in the wake of recent global catastrophes than "The Community Initiative". This advanced development in social augmentation technology was designed to create new kinds of shared spaces and communal experiences through area-of-effect social enhancement technology.

Early implementation in venues such as theaters and community centers proved underwhelming, though a handful of innovative entertainers did find clever ways of amplifying the experience by handpicking their audience. A quick pre-show personality test could determine if you were more or less likely to "submit" to whatever shared fiction was being proposed.

In today's post-Incident world, the thought of this kind of initiative pushing into theaters across the continent is a thing of the distant past. The consequences are too terrifying. However, for a few months back in the summer of 2025, the Community Initiative was praised as the best kind of new technology, the kind that promised to bring us all closer together.

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