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Toxin Blade

"Prototype special forces combat knife. Microporous metal releases toxins on contact. Designed for political assassination."
- inventory description, Deus Ex: Invisible War

The Toxin Blade is a weapon in Deus Ex: Invisible War. It is a unique combat knife.


At first glance, the Toxin Blade behaves like a normal combat knife. However, when it hits a target, it will briefly stun them, making it easier to land additonal shots. The target will quickly become unstunned but another hit can stun them again.

Otherwise, the Toxin Blade is the same as the regular combat knife.


  • The Toxin Blade can be quite useful for defeating groups of enemies early in the game. By constantly switching between targets, the player can keep the entire group stunned, making all of them harmless as their health is whittled to nothing.
  • It's ability to stun makes it very useful against single targets, as the knife will constantly stun the target, making them unable to attack.
  • The same augs that make the combat knife useful also work very well with the Toxin Blade. Combat Strength makes it a lot more powerful, while Speed Enhancement makes it easy to perform hit and runs, circle-strafe enemies, and perform the tactic mentioned above.


It can be found in an Emerald Suites Apartment in Seattle under a pillow.