Toys That Kill is an article by Angela Gunn about Prague's old toy factory Koníčky & Hračky. It appears as an in-game eBook in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, and can be found inside the mentioned factory, on a windowsill in the room with the lasers.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

by Angela Gunn

The golden age of local toy production came to an end with the death of Yvonne Koníčky in September 2022. She was the last of a great line of Koníčky children who instinctively knew how to strike a perfect balance between innocence and innovation. Propeller Frog Boy - voted toy of the year in 1998 - is a particularly memorable example.

Today the Koníčky and Hračky toy factory lies in tragic disrepair, a constant reminder of the childish innocence our city has lost. Owned by Drahomír Koníčky, Yvonne's son and business heir, the factory has become a hotspot for criminal activity. Drahomir is rumored to have spent his life (and his fortune) cultivating corrupt police and gang contacts throughout the country. In his few years at the head of the family business, he's managed to dry up the family funds, debase the family name, and turn a beloved childhood landmark into one of the most dangerous corners of Prague.

I remember walking up to the factory as a little girl and being turned away by a guard at the gate. We can't give away the wonderful secrets inside, he said. I don't know what kind of response a little girl walking up to Koníčky and Hračky might get today. Ideally, she won't get any response at all, because her parents will have told her to stay away.

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