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Tranquilizer Rifle Ammo (Kaiga Ltd. Hypo-dyne PPS Dart) is the ammunition for the Tranquilizer Rifle and Elite Edition Tranquilizer Rifle in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.


Image Compatible weapons Buy Price Sell Price In-Game Description
DXMD tranq rifle ammo All Tranquilizer Rifle variants 100 credits 25 credits Using the patented Propelled Penetration System (PPS), these long-range tranquilizer darts deliver a cocktail of analgesic and dissociative drugs (including ketamine and diazepam) that renders targets unconscious almost immediately. They have no effect against inorganic targets (robots, turrets, etc...).

For additional gameplay information, see the article on the corresponding weapon. Prices listed above are prices per ammo round.

Notable locations[]

  • 50 darts in total can be purchased from Mikael Mendel (10 on the first visit to Prague, 15 on the second visit to Prague, and 25 on the third visit to Prague).
  • 10 rounds can be purchased from Louis Gallois in Golem City.
  • 5 rounds are found in the storage units in Adam Jensen's apartment, which are opened through the Smart Home AI on Jensen's computer.
  • 5 rounds, along with a Tranquilizer Rifle, are found in the boarded-up building to the left of the entrance to the Time Machine (Václav Koller's bookstore). The "Punch Through Walls" augmentation is required to break through a weaken wall in this building. After breaking the wall, drop down to find the ammo. Another 5 (10?) rounds can be found in one of the lockers in the back room to the right side of the front of the bookstore.
  • 20 darts are found at the lab of Eugen Weisse in the Dávný District sewers.
  • 10 darts are found in a weapon case in the locked storage area near The Music Box.
  • 4 darts are found in the weapon cabinets of the Underpath, in the room that is the subject of the "Every Little Helps" point of interest.
  • During the second visit to Prague, 5 darts are found in a weapons case on the roof of the Dvali Theater. The same case also contains 5 sniper rifle rounds.
  • In London, 9 darts are found in the electrified room at the northeast part of the roof.
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  • The molecule depicted on the dart boxes is phencyclidine, more commonly called PCP, which is the main drug loaded in the darts, according to the bar graph on the side. The other components, are, in decreasing order of amount, diazepam, tenocyclidine, ketamine and morphine, a mix that is optimised for use on human targets.