Tubehouse Electronics has one accessible computer with a security rating of 2. The computer belongs to Percy Butler.

E-mails Edit

Invitation to tonight's show Edit

From: Percy Butler

Hello Friends,

You are all cordially invited to the Tubehouse for a screening of Solar Masked Cyborg O, a tale of a man re-engineered to cause havoc on the world, only to turn against his own creators for the good of mankind.

Bionic arms, legs, the whole thing, but all used in the name of justice.
There’s even a part where he kicks some anthropomorphic monster...thing, and it EXPLODES! How cool is that?! Between us, I act it out in the store when the rest of the staff leaves for the night.

l have an old optical disc reader that's a decade or two old, but still functional. It should be able to read these discs I had to smuggle in from overseas.

The code to get in is 0701.

Mercury Insta-Messaging Autosave Edit

From: Percy Butler
To: Percy Butler

This conversation was automatically saved in your Conversation History.
>Cee Sheppard: How long are you going to keep hiding it?
>PolarityPorter: Well it is cold outside.
>Cee Sheppard: You have augmentations. Why conceal it?
>PolarityPorter: You know how things are. Shit got tense after the Incident. I don’t want some whacko mob trashing our place.
>Cee Sheppard: I guess so. That’s a fair way to see it...
>PolarityPorter: Plus on the cool part it’s like I’m one of those cyborg heroes, with a hidden identity.
>Cee Sheppard: For the love of god, Percival...
>PolarityPorter: You can’t see it but I’m acting out a change pose right now.
>Cee Sheppard: Just bring milk when you get home...
>Cee Sheppard is offline

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