Turntable bensaxon

A locked character model of Ben Saxon

The Turntable is a feature of Deus Ex: The Fall which displays a number of characters and character types encountered during the course of the game. Initially, none of the models are visible except in outline form; as ID files are found, more models are progressively unlocked. Models may be rotated and zoomed in upon. Each performs an 'idle' animation loop.

Available models and locationsEdit

# Name Location Comments Model
1 Ben Saxon Train Station In the security office in the train station in Panama. Turntable Saxon
2 Anna Kelso Costa Rica Safe House On the table next to the Neuropozyne. Turntable Kelso
3 Alex Vega Nightshades In a locked office downstairs. Turntable Vega
4 Sam Duarte Hotel Etana Roof As you enter the area, to your left on a baggage cart. Turntable Duarte
5 Namir Belltower Helipad In the area where you disable the tracker on Vega's ship, at the east area hidden between boxes near the east wall. Turntable Namir
6 Barrett Belltower Base In a ventilation shaft, between the security office opposite the elevator you enter from, and the westmost room on that level (you need to move a heavy crate to enter from that room). Turntable Barrett
7 Federova Downtown In a locked garage on the east side of downtown Panama, between the LIMB Clinic and the Hotel Etana. Turntable Fedorova
8 Alvarez Underground Clinic In Alvarez's locked safe. Turntable Alvarez
9 Mikhail Moscow, Maintenance Floor Just after the robot behind a standalone server rack. Turntable Kontarsky
10 Camila LIMB Clinic In Camila's office. Turntable Camila
11 Cobra Boardwalk In a locked enclosure, to the left of the train station as you come out onto the Boardwalk in Panama. Turntable Cobra
12 Spec Ops Belltower Base In the barracks, between two bunk beds near the security console. Turntable spec ops
13 Sneaker Hotel Etana Upstairs On the table next to the ventilation shaft in the southwest room. Turntable Sneaker
14 Ogre Belltower Helipad Behind one of the targets at the shooting range, half way up the target itself. Turntable ogre
15 Box guard Hotel Etana Roof Next to the security computer. Turntable box guard
16 Sentry XNG Data Center In the security office, hidden behind some equipment on the east side. Turntable sentry
17 Turret Drug Den's Garage Upstairs on a ledge overlooking the room next door to the turret. Turntable Turret
18 Panama Cop Hotel Etana Lobby Security office in Hotel Etana Lobby, in a cubicle near the door. Turntable Panama Cop
19 Riot Cop Downtown In a telephone booth, near a group of locked garages close to the Hotel Etana. Turntable riot cop
20 Panama Gangster Slums On a rooftop between two ladders. Turntable Ganster
21 Diego Drug Lab Switch the power off to the electrified floor in the drug lab. The ID is in a small concealed room, next to a Praxis kit: face away from the power switch, and the entry to the room is to the left. Turntable Diego
22 Bodyguard Hotel Etana Upstairs On the bar, just before the door to the Hotel Etana Rooftop. Turntable Bodyguard
23 Stripper Drug Den Behind a mattress on the ground floor. Turntable Stripper


  • The turntable also acts as a jukebox with certain characters: When a member of the Tyrants is selected, the music track from the Hyron boss fight in Deus Ex: Human Revolution replaces the normal turntable BGM. Similarly, the Nightshades music track plays when the stripper is selected.
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