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The UNATCO Training Facilities are a series of tests appearing in Deus Ex that each member of UNATCO must complete in order to join the organisation. Both regular troopers and special agents are required to pass.

General Training[]

The general segment of the training is headed by Jaime Reyes over infolink.

The segment starts by teaching the player how to use objects by requiring them to use a door to open it. The next room teaches the player how to use the keyring and nanokeys, requiring them to pick up a key and use the keyring to unlock the next door.

The segment then teaches destroying supply crates for items, using crowbar or combat knife to destroy the crates for a lockpick to use on the door to unlock it. The game then displays datacubes to players, requiring them to use them to find the code for the keypad to the next room, which teaches multitool hacking, requiring them to be used on the next keypad to unlock the door.

The next room opens to an unconscious UNATCO trooper, Private Winslow, on the ground. The player must use them to loot the key from them to open the door to a medical room, then use them again to pick them up and place the on the medical table to open the next door.

The door opens to a dark room, suggesting that the player uses their light augmentation to find their way through, a repair bot to recharge their bioenergy used by the light.

On the way to the next area a security camera can be seen to show the player what they look like. The next segments teach jumping over gaps, crouching, using and moving crates to jump over taller obstacles, and climbing ladders.

The final part of the general training segment gives the player a hazmat suit to wear while swimming across some contaminated water, with a medical bot at the end that can be used to heal them.

The section then leads to the combat training segment of the training.

Combat Training[]

The combat segment of the training is headed by Gunther Hermann.

The segment starts with training the player on pistols and aiming. The player must shoot two targets with their pistol, with Gunther suggesting that the player wait for their aim to tighten for the second target. Once both targets are destroyed the player proceeds to two more targets, this time using a sniper rifle. The player is suggested to use the scope to hit their target, and when the first is destroyed, the player is given master level rifle skill to show how higher skill level reduces scope sway.

Once both targets have again been destroyed the door to the demolitions segment opens. The player must click a button and watch a security bot walk forward past a LAM, destroying it. The player is then tasked with planting their own LAM on the wall for the next robot to walk past and destroy, alternatively the LAM can be thrown to destroy the robot.

Destroying both robots opens the door to the next segment, teaching destroying doors and walls with explosives. The door and wall must be blown up to progress.

The segment ends with the grenade defusing section. The player must run up to each LAM and use them to disarm them, then pick them up. The player can alternatively get close enough to let them detonate or throw another LAM at them to detonate them. Once all LAMs have been picked up or detonated the final door opens to the stealth training.

Covert Training[]

The stealth segment of the training is the shortest and final part of the training. The section is headed by Anna Navarre.

For the first section the player must sneak past two guards and reach the door at the end of the hallway, if the player is seen the guards trigger an alarm and close the door, the door must be reset at the starting control room.

For the final test the player must cross some water to the other side, with multiple ways to cross. A security bot patrols back and forth and will shoot if it sees the player. The possible solutions to the challenge are:

  • Blow up the robot using TNT.
  • Find one of the pistols and blow up the robot with a barrel.
  • Avoid the robot.
  • Build a bridge out of boxes to jump across.
  • Jump onto the pipes using objects and walk across.
  • Find the datacube containing the code to the bridge keypad.
  • Destroy the crate to find a multitool to hack the bridge keypad.

To end the segment the player can walk to up to six holograms to learn about UNATCO, the NSF, small and medium sized security bots, mechanically augmented agents like Anna Navarre and nano-augmented agents like Paul Denton.

A bulging brick can be pushed to reveal a hologram from Jaime Reyes, stating that Joseph Manderley likes to know which agents find the secret.

The training ends with a conversation from Bob Page before returning to the main menu.


The training segment was once much bigger and previously seen in the E3 footage. Some infolinks still exist that suggest some parts that were cut:

  • An outdoors urban target range, the player would press buttons on a window sill to open cases with weapons to test on targets, the targets could be reset for additional chances.
  • The design of the area would be less linear, with the doors to the outdoor range being accessible, but locked until the static target range beside it was completed.
  • A segment would have the player pass a camera and a turret, suggesting that you need to use an explosive or EMP grenade to stop them and using a ledge for cover. This would lead into:
  • An arena that would have the player fighting one of each robot in game, the player would have to destroy all of the robots to progress. The weapons available would be a LAM, an EMP grenade, a GEP gun, and a LAW.
    • The arena could only be attempted after completing the demolitions area.
  • A "prairie dog town", where six targets would pop up and down in a random pattern which must be destroyed.
  • A segment where the player could choose between using a pistol or a stealth pistol to destroy the targets.
  • A sniping segment where you would have to snipe moving targets in the windows of a building far away.