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UNATCO Troopers (in-game label: UNATCO Troop) are the military force of UNATCO, which in turn is a puppet organization for Majestic 12. UNATCO troopers wear green combat uniforms with the symbol of the UNATCO in the front of their helmets. They also wear a facemask. UNATCO Troopers are a type of non-player character in Deus Ex.


A deployment of UNATCO troopers is the central component of all UN peacekeeping occupations.[1]

UNATCO troopers initially included a number of personnel with former military experience. However, after the dismissal of Joseph Manderley, Walton Simons purges the corps of anyone with experience outside of UNATCO, believing that those with outside experience might not be loyal enough to serve as a force under Majestic 12's control.[2]


UNATCO troopers have the same stats and combat behavior as other types of common troopers, with no special resistances again any damage type. Troopers are armed assault rifles by default. However, troopers encountered early in the game are often armed with pistols instead.


UNATCO troopers can be found throughout New York City. During the first visit to Hell's Kitchen, a large contingent of troopers can be seen engaged in battle against NSF terrorists. UNATCO troopers are friendly during the initial missions of the game, but become hostile after JC Denton defects from UNATCO. UNATCO troopers are not encountered in areas outside of the city.

Notable members[]


  • According to a conversation that can be heard at the NSF Headquarters, UNATCO troopers used to wear uniforms with little white helmets before Walton Simons had the uniform changed to the one present.


  • In beta versions of Deus Ex, female UNATCO troopers could be found in the game.[3]
  • Strangely, their eyes appear to be completely black with a white glint, which is not the case for some of the other enemies. It's unclear if this an oversight, but one could assume that they are supposed to represent augmentations or some kind of eyepieces.



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