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The USS Intrepid is a decommissioned aircraft carrier at Pier 86 in New York City, which is now a black cybermarket and the center of information trade.


At one point, the Intrepid was a proud warship projecting American sea power in the pacific. In the late 1990s or early 2000s, recession and stock crashes had sent the old warhorse into decommission.[1] At around 2026, the ship has been occupied by a group of hackers led by Nadine Stollock, an infamous local hacker known as "Widow."

Icarus Effect[]

Anna Kelso visits Widow at the Intrepid to find information on black-op mercenaries who killed her mentor and co-worker. However, police shortly arrive at the scene and begin conducting a mass arrest.

The Fall[]

The ship appears in a Picus TV news report that mentions Widow as among those arrested in the mass arrest described in Icarus Effect.[2]