The Underpath is a location accessible from Překážka. It is principally located underneath the railroad separating Čistá Čtvrť and Překážka. This area includes an abandoned tourism center.

Access Edit

There are two entrances to the Underpath. The main entrance is an archway on the street named Pod zelenými stromy, near a van bearing the logo of Sarif Industries. The other entrance is through a window above the awning of the tourism center to the right of the archway entrance.

Overview Edit

The Underpath appears to have been connected to the Train Tunnels at one point, which would have provided a passage between Čistá Čtvrť and Překážka. The west end of the Underpath shows an archway that is directly adjacent to the east end of the Train Tunnels. However, the archway has been closed, which prevents any access to the Train Tunnels, although the interior of the Train Tunnel remains visible from the Underpath using smart vision.

Located inside the Underpath is a room with multiple weapon cabinets. This room is the subject of the "Every Little Helps" point of interest.

The eastern part of the Underpath is an abandoned tourism center. The tourism center contains a side room that is accessible only during the side mission SM06: 01011000.

Notable items Edit

Weapon cabinets

Notes Edit

  • Separate from this area, a small area in the Dávný District near the Music Box is also labeled "underpath."

Trivia Edit

  • While inside the tourism center, an instrumental rendition of the Czech National Anthem plays in the background.
  • In the tourism center, a map on the wall shows the originally planned east-west divide of the Prague districts, in which Překážka is to the east of the railroad, rather than to the south of the railroad. During development of the game, the east-west divide was changed to a north-south divide.

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