This article is about the ammunition in Deus Ex: Invisible War. For ammunition in other games, see Ammunition.

Universal ammo is an ammunition type found in Deus Ex: Invisible War, and is the only type of ammunition found in the game.


Universal ammo is an invention of Mako Ballistics created at some point after 2052 which allows almost all Mako Ballistics weapons worldwide to use the same type of ammunition.

Each magazine is loaded with a nano-mass that is dynamically configured by the weapon itself into whatever form of projectile is needed for the weapon that the magazine is slotted into. As a result, by 2072 most forms of case and caseless ammunition have disappeared due to the benefits that universal ammo present.

In general, heavier weapons use up more ammo per shot. The user will get many more pistol shots from a single magazine than from rockets or flamethrower strikes.


  • The developers created this concept for Deus Ex: Invisible War to avoid the situation where a player runs out of ammo for their favorite weapon and is forced to use another one.