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Feel free to leave me a message; I should reply within a day or two. If you would like to contribute to the wiki, first read the guidelines, then have a look at Wiki stuff below and if you fancy adding a new article, go to the Missing pages section. Thanks, and I hope you enjoy your stay.

Useful / interesting links

  • entire Deus Ex script - includes dialogue, emails, datacubes, text on posters etc.
  • Deus Ex Continuity Bible - contains backstory info on Deus Ex. Note that some of this info contradicts canon so take it with a grain of salt. Still well worth the read.
  • The Phaeton Project - essentially someones in-depth analysis of the first game - interesting stuff.
  • partially anotated script of Deus Ex - also has a bit of info on the game concepts that led to the creation of DX (i.e. Shooter and Troubleshooter) and a DX postmortem by Warren Spector.
  • Video series about the Deus Ex universe lore - starts from pre-Human Revolution and goes right up to the events of Invisible War.
  • DX1 walkthrough and companion guide, but most intrestingly a rehost of the design document that the Bible is based on.
  • Various Human Revolution mods for any PC users out there:
    • Burger Menu - essentially the debug menu used by the devs during the games development. Most of the options are still working but some of them (such as the HUD disabler) are not. Also includes an additional level selection screen so that any map can be loaded at any time.
    • Noclip mod - allows you to enter noclip mode and fly around any map! However this only works if you have an Xbox 360 controller for some reason. (link starts download automatically)

Favourite articles

Wiki stuff

There are lots of things to be done on the wiki, which isn't always a bad thing (editing doesn't get boring that way). It is a little too much for a few people to do by themselves so if you're reading this, know that new editors are both wanted and needed on the wiki! Don't worry if you're not sure how you can contribute. Community Messages (as seen on the Wiki Activity page) outlines a few things you can do but I'll give another brief list here:

  • This is already on Community Messages but please add images if you have suitable ones (Also make sure they are of good quality i.e. they are bright enough, don't include HUD or subtitles etc).
  • Add the {{Cite}} (citation needed) template if you see any content in articles that you suspect might be false, or you are just unsure of the source. If you are certain it's false, remove it.
  • Add sources if possible (either to information you contribute or to current material that hasn't been sourced). You can do this by typing (in Source mode) <ref>Whatever the source is here</ref> and at the end of the page, simply add a References title and type {{Reflist}}. <references> works too but the {{Reflist}} template reduces the size of the text and allows you to sort the references into multiple columns.
  • Sometimes even knowing that certain pages need to be improved is helpful, so if you notice very short entries, add a {{Stub}} template to them. For longer articles that you feel are missing a considerable amount of information, add a new section to its Talk Page about this - or you could of course expand it yourself if you can.
  • Remove any instances of terms such as "the player" or "you" etc. that refer explicitly to the person playing. The main body of all articles should always refer to the protagonist and their actions, not the players. There are exceptions to this but "the player" is used frequently and incorrectly on this wiki and I would like to see this rectified.
  • Improve poor phrasing; including over-complicated and confusing sentences.
  • I've created a Missing pages section on my profile (below) and will expand it as I notice/think of pages that need to be added. Send me a message if you can think of any other page that ought to be added. This list can be used by other users if they want to create any articles from the list.

Missing pages

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