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The Deus Ex wiki has two CSS:

  • MediaWiki:Wikia.css - the default Wikia skin (aka Oasis), which implements DXHR's black&gold theme.
  • MediaWiki:Common.css - old Monobook skin (Wikipedia-like). You can preview pages in this skin by appending ?useskin=monobook at the end of the URL, or you can activate this skin permanently in your preferences. Common.css code says it affects all skins, but in wikis created before July 2014 (like this wiki) it affects just the Monobook skin.

Only admins can edit Wikia CSS.

Guidelines to updating the CSS:

Testing CSS and JavaScript

Each user has their personal CSS and JavaScript that override Wikia globals:

(See JavaScript and CSS Cheatsheet.)

Test all changes in your personal CSS and JavaScript before asking admins to update Wikia globals.

Ideally, test with both the default Wikia skin (aka Oasis) and the old Monobook skin.

Useful URL Parameters

  • debug=true loads the page with uncompressed/unminified CSS + JavaScript.
  • useskin=monobook loads the page with the old Monobook skin (Wikipedia-like, black on white).


On Wikia, templates can be written in two ways:

  1. Using wiki markup and parser functions.
  2. Using Lua. Lua-based templates look like {{#invoke: something}}. The actual Lua code of these templates is on the Module:TemplateName pages.
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