V. Alibek's computer is a computer appearing in Deus Ex. It is located in the Armory of the Liberty Island MJ12 lab underneath UNATCO HQ. The login is valibek and the password is gatling.

Plasma GunEdit

From: AGreer//UpNet.902.3902
To: VAlibek//UpNet.003.8588
Subject: Plasma Gun

Dr. Alibek:

Your facility is one of the first to receive our new production model plasma gun; as you know the weapon will be phased into use first by our special operations teams, then by selected elements of our military and security organization over the next month. As one of our leading weapons researchers in North America, we are certainly interested in any opinions you might have regarding its combat effectiveness. Attached you should find the full technical specifications. Please feel free to correspond with me directly if you have any further questions.

The code for the security container is 5239.

Aston Greer
Director of Security, MJ12

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