Vano Shetekauri (Georgian: ვანო შეთეკაური) is a member of the Dvali branch in Prague and the right-hand man of Otar Botkoveli.

Biography Edit

As Otar's right-hand man, Vano is responsible for carrying out the orders of Otar, such as sending gangsters to ransack Václav Koller's bookstore, tracking down a Dvali member who had stolen money from Otar,[1] and finding out Radich Nikoladze's computer password.[2]

Otar also acts as a mentor to Vano, and can be seen lecturing Vano on the traditional values of the Dvali.

According to Task Force 29 analyst Brian Rourke, Vano is strong and loyal, traits that Otar values.

Mission appearances Edit

References Edit

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