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Vera Marcovic is a character in Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Deus Ex: Human Revolution comics. She is a doctor in Detroit's LIMB clinic.


David Sarif sends Adam Jensen to her for a check up, after Jensen returns from Milwaukee Junction factory. She informs Adam that there is no trace of scar tissue build-up, and no sign of implant rejection, which is surprising considering it has been six months since his augmentations were installed. By extension, he doesn't require Neuropozyne shots.

She also tells him that Sarif made a generous donation in his name, allowing Adam to get access to Praxis software and speed-up the activation of his implants if he wishes. After Jensen leaves the LIMB clinic, she is replaced by a different woman at the counter. For the remainder of Jensen's time in Detroit she can found in the back room of the LIMB clinic. When Jensen comes back to Detroit after the Highland Park mission, she is in the accessible operating room.

In the comic book series, Marcovic is kidnapped by Quincy Durant, and forced to perform extensive augmentation surgery on him. She is then rescued by Adam.

When returning to Detroit she will be absent from the LIMB clinic.

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  • Despite the fact she informs Jensen about the Praxis software, an e-mail conversation between her and Athene Margoulis reveals that she objects to Sarif's interference, and his decision to include prototype, untested military augmentations into Adam's choice options, presumably referring to the Typhoon Explosive System.