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Vera Maxwell is the founder and Executive Commander of the Standard Security Corporation during 2072.

"As head of the Standard Security Corporation, Commander Maxwell works with numerous businesses and organizations to provide affordable protection in a world that lacks a traditional police force. Her company’s clients include the Order, WTO, weapons manufacturers, clandestine laboratories, and even smugglers, so to survive in her role she has to be a political agnostic. Her only concern is stability. Overt raids and terrorist acts cost her company lives and a great deal of money.

With conflicts between the nascent world powers heating up, her firm has increasingly found itself caught in the middle. Her guards, minimally trained and often suffering from a rent-a-cop mentality, are called upon to be peacekeepers, paramilitaries and soldiers. The strain is considerable, and with several world powers establishing armies of their own, the future of Standard Security remains unclear."

Background Edit

She is the daughter of the former X-51 scientist Stephanie Maxwell. Her mother was against the post-Collapse MJ12 global conspiracy, so she decided to cooperate with the NSF, making X-51 represent a threat for UNATCO.

Deus Ex: Invisible War Edit

She is the founder and leader of the Trier SSC, the only police corp in 2072, and she can be met in the city's SSC Headquarters.

"This is an historic moment that the SSC is proud to be a part of. To demonstrate our commitment to making this a safe and productive meeting, I am flying to Trier myself to ensure that everything goes according to plan."
- Vera Maxwell, on providing security for 2072 Order-WTO submit in Trier